The National Trust - Is It Worth Buying A Season Ticket


You’ve partied through your 20’s and scoffed at visiting a boring National Trust, but once you’ve settled down a bit, perhaps even started a family, your priorities change, you seem to enjoy the peace and quiet that being surrounded by nature and beauty brings, and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself asking ‘Is it worth buying a season ticket for the National Trust?

They don’t come cheaply, a single persons ticket will cost you £69 a month, a couple can get a ticket for £114 and a family ticket will set you back £120. You can also even buy lifetime membership for £1695 if you are feeling flush!

We have visited many a National Trust property and are here to give you some pros and cons of splashing out on a season ticket.


1.You’ll always have something to do that won’t cost you a thing

Once you’ve paid out the initial cost of the National Trust season ticket you won’t have to pay another penny to visit, so when you are feeling the pinch you’ll have a whole world of beautiful gardens and houses to visit, it will feel like a day out for free!

Each National Trust is quite different so decide if you fancy wondering around a beautiful old home or whether you fancy some outdoor time in gorgeous gardens or woodland or around ponds and lakes.

2.You’ll be helping to protect nature

The National Trust put money back into conserving and maintaining these beautiful parts of the countryside meaning that many species of plants, flowers, trees and wildlife flourish because of this.

Your money will be going straight into helping with this and that is quite a nice feeling.

3.Friends will likely have tickets too

You’ll likely find that if you are debating buying a Natioanl Trust ticket then so are some of your friends.

If friends have season tickets then you can make plans to meet at various places, enjoy summer picnics, joining forces if you have kids (the kids will adore meeting friends for play dates) and even having a nice coffee in the cafe which pretty much all properties have.

4.You’ll get loads of fresh air

Buying a National Trust season ticket means you are much more likely to get out and about in nature and get some fresh air into your lungs. You’ll have paid out for the ticket so you won’t want to waste it and you’ll likely really enjoy your strolls.

If you lead a hectic life then National Trust properties are a perfect place to get some head space and clear your mind.


1.It is quite expensive

The initial outlay is quite expensive, if you are a couple or family that only really visit National Trust properties a handful of times a year then it really won’t be worth you forking out for a season ticket, just continue to pay as you go.

2.There aren’t loads of children’s facilities

Although the childrens facilities are getting better, certainly not every property will have a childrens park or designated childrens area. Obviously there's loads of green space for children to run around and play at each and every place you’ll visit, but don’t expect playgrounds or indoor play areas. There are a handful that do have these facilities and I expect more and more will pop up as the National Trust realise they are missing a trick here.

Many National Trust places have nature trails and fun activities for the kids, especially during school holidays, so just swot up before you pick which place to visit.

3.Unless you make an effort you may end up at the same places a lot

Once you’ve visited all of the Natioanl Trust properties in your area you’ll need to venture further afield or you may just end up at the same few places weekend after weekend which could become a little tedious.

4.You’ll probably end up spending money when you are there

Even though you’ll get into the proerpties for free (once you’ve purchased your season ticket anyway) its very likely you’ll tempted by the delights in the cafe or your kids will drag you into the shop wanting Kendal Mint Cakes and a pencil sharpener (I remember doing this exact same thing to my parents!), so keep in mind that your free day out is very unlikley to actually be free.