Whats Included?


For our packages we generally use small hotels and guest houses throughout. All rooms will have private bathrooms (unless stated otherwise). The average standard would approximate to 1 and 2*. Dinner is generally not included in the price, often because there will be a wide variety of options in the town in question. Where this is not the case, then dinner will either be included or will be available at extra cost in the accommodation in question.

Upgrades may be requested in certain places or along certain routes – please ask.

Maps and Route Notes

For each holiday, you will be provided with route instructions and maps appropriate to the route in question.

Luggage Transfer

The most comfortable way of walking the route is using our baggage service, which permits you to walk with just a small backpack, whilst your bag or suitcase is transported for you to the next hotel. This service forms part of our packages. This way you can be sure of a change of clothes at the end of the day (especially in poor weather), whilst of course this service is a great help to those who suffer from back pain.

Support and Emergency back-up

We work with local people in each region. Once you are en route on a self-guided holiday, they will be your contacts. In the event of an emergency, or a significant problem that cannot be resolved on the spot, they will be the people to turn to.

Travel Options & Advice

Getting to your starting point and away from your finishing point do not form part of our packages. Please ask us about the nearest railway station and airports relevant to the section that you are undertaking.


These islands are famous for unpredictable weather. But, generally speaking, the climate is a benign one throughout, whilst summers are surprisingly warm. Nonetheless, of course the climate varies according to the region or to the season, so you are advised to follow this link to the Meteorological Office to get some idea of what lies in store!


Is my money safe? Your money is safe. In the price of our holidays is included a fee for an insurance premium that protects all our customers in the event of our financial failure.

Which credit cards do you accept? We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Can I pay by cheque? We accept sterling and euro cheques.

If I am booking from overseas, can I pay with a credit card? Yes, if it is a Visa or Mastercard. We will take the payment in sterling pounds but you will be charged in your own currency.

Can anyone do these holidays? Anyone of good average fitness can undertake these holidays. Take note of the distances and height gains and ask yourself whether you can manage. Some days will be tiring but people of all ages undertake walking holidays in the UK and Ireland.


We will offer the occasional scheduled guided walking holiday; but we also specialise in organising bespoke holidays for groups of friends or colleagues – let us know your requirements.