How Easy Is It To Make Friends As A Walker?


Some of us go walking in big groups or clubs with other fellow walkers, but some of us start out on our own. Perhaps walking is a new hobby that you’ve just embarked upon but you don’t know anybody else who shares your passion for going hiking, or maybe you’ve decided to start walking to get out and be a bit more sociable and meet new people. So how easy is it to makes friends as a walker?

Us walking bunch are pretty darn friendly, we have shared interests in hiking, being active and healthy and looking after the beautiful environment that we live in whilst enjoying it to the full, so generally new walkers are easily welcomed into pre-exsiting groups very quickly.

If you want to meet some new like-minded people through walking then we’ve some suggestions below to get you on your way.

Join A Walking Group

There are walking groups scattered around all over Britain and Ireland who would welcome newbies in with open arms, this is by far the best way to meet new people, make new friends and get some great walking advice whilst you’re at it.

Say Hi

Make an effort and reach out to people. You’ll find when you are walking that most people will say ‘hi’ as you pass, if you do want to make new friends then put yourself out there, strike up conversation and see what it leads too.

Make An Advert

It would be my guess that there are many people out there in the same position as you, wanting to get a new hobby, meet some new people and get out and about, so why not put it out there? Build an advert for your local store or even on a local social media page and see if anybody fancies joining you for walks. 

Join Online Walking Communities

There are heaps of groups out there for fellow walkers, seasoned and new-comers, why not sign yourself up and get involved in the chat. Ask questions, be active and engaging and soon you’ll find yourself chatting to new people who might want you as a walking buddy too.

Brush Up On Your Lingo

Take an active interest in all things walking, check out the latest walking gear, clothing, great walks in your area, and then you’ll feel much more confident about engaging with others and you’ll have something interesting to spark up conversations about.

Take A Walking Holiday

Walking holidays are a great way to meet fellow walkers too since you are all there for the same reason.

YHA’s are a great place to stay, there are some really lovely ones dotted around Britian and Ireland that are very reasonably priced, with fantastic communal areas where you’ll be able to bond with others walkers over a cuppa and perhaps even join walking forces.

Encourage Friends And Family To Hike With You

Chat to your friends and family about your walking experiences and see if your enthusiasm can brim over to them too. Ask around and see if anybody fancies joining you on your next hike, you might be surprised to find that people you already know are quite keen to get out for some fresh air too and then you’ll already have a walking companion with very little effort.

Get A Dog

Going dog walking means not only will you already have your furry little friend for companionship but you’ll likely meet others dog walkers too. Dog walkers are usually a very friendly bunch who get to know each other and each others dogs really well.

If you do get a dog, choose a nice walk close to home that you can regularly take and you’ll find you get to know the people who do this route too. Dogs need walking at least once a day so you will see other walkers a lot and dog walkers really do tend to build up relationships with other dog-walkers quickly.

Do bare in mind though that getting a new dog is a big decision that isn’t to be taken lightly.

Our one last comment is just to always ensure that you keep your head switched on if walking with strangers, yes strangers will likely become friends but you just need to be careful before you really know them.

Trust your gut feeling and if something doesn’t feel right then knock it on the head, don’t go off into the wilderness with someone you don’t know if it doesn’t feel right.

Walking is all about finding beautiful spots away from the madness of the world and this can often involve being deep in nature away from other people, so just be aware and trust your feelings about people and you should find you meet some brilliant people really quickly.