10 Top Walking Tips For Everybody


You may be an experienced walker who has been rambling for years and has many a good campsite story to tell, or perhaps you are new to the walking club, whatever your circumstance it’s always good to chat to others and get their hints, advice and walking tips.

Even if you think there isn’t anything you don’t know about walking you’ll be surprised to hear different peoples experiences and you might even learn a nice little snippet of information that will help you on yours.

For that reaosn we’ve pulled together our 10 top walking tips for everybody, and here they are, in no particular order.

1.Pack Vaseline

Vaseline is a godsend, if you are prone to chaffing this stuff with be a lifesave, just smooth it over the areas, even in preparation for chaffing.

2.Pack Bin Bags

Its good to take things that are versatile, bin bags can be used for many things; covering your stuff so it doesn’t get wet, carrying food items, providing an extra rain layer if the heavens really do open up or using one as a seat on the ground in the wet.

3.Make a checklist

Sounds boring but DO make a checklist before you start packing, you’ll kick yourself if you forget the important things.

4.Get a Dehydrator

Dehydeated food is fantastic for a long trip, it packs up small and light. Simply cook your food and stick it in the dehydrator before your trip.

5.Blister Proof Your Feet

Don’t wait to get blisters, blister proof them before you set out. There is nothing that will stop you in your tracks like an evil little blister.

6.Pack Duct Tape

Another very useful item is duct tape which could be used as a repair item for a tent pole, a torn tent, a broken shoe, a split water bottle and could even be used as blister prevention.

7.Pack Rubber Gloves

A paif or rubber gloves is always a good idea, if its a cold evening and you’re washing up they will save your hands, plus doing odd jobs around the camp is made more more pleasant with a pair of rubber gloves that you can whip off at the end.

8.Pack Boot Laces

It sounds obvious, but a boot lace snapping on your walking shoes is going to end your hike right then and there, yet so many people don’t pack spares, don’t be one of those people.

9.All About Layers

When you’re deciding what clothing to take then just think layers, its the best way to warm yourself up or cool yourself off.

10.Pack A Length of Rope

Carrying some rope is a great idea and could be used for tying things together, hanging clothes out to dry, lowering a bottle into a water source or as a spare rope for a tent.