Best Walking Holidays in England, UK, Britain

Taking the time to do something for you should be a priority for each and every one of us. One of the best ways to do this is to take a holiday. Walking holidays offer a unique experience. Exploration, adventure and freedom merge in this type of holiday to deliver the trip of a lifetime. The best walking holidays in England have all of this and more. England is the largest country in the UK. In accordance with this, the choice for the best walking holidays in England is nearly endless. There are many different places to explore, each with a different and stunning landscape. The trails are distinct with varying difficulty and sights to see.

The Best Walking Holidays in England

One of the most popular destinations is Dorset. It is a part of the UK filled with contrasts. Firstly, the peaceful and undisturbed countryside makes for easy walking, and the quaint villages are sure to charm you. This gentleness of scenery is contrasted with the more dramatic coastal terrains.  The magnificent Jurassic Coast is a walk through history. Breathtaking sights await you on one of the best walking holidays in England.

Some of the best wild scenery in England can be found in the Lake District. Its towering mountains, green valleys and many beautiful lakes make this a surefire way to experience what is arguably one of the best walking holidays in England that the country has to offer. Charming and magical, it is also the largest national park in the UK. You will always fondly remember your walk through this region as the amazing sites will surely impress you.

Historic Walking Holidays

Another great choice is the Hadrian’s Wall walk. Also known as the Roman Wall this is an amazing part of history, standing across the English countryside since 122 AD. Walking through the bright greenery alongside this impressive wall is truly unforgettable. This is no doubt one of the best walking holidays in England in terms of letting you experience the rich history the region has to offer.

In addition, there are plenty of walking holidays situated near London. Beginning with Constable Country, the gentle countryside captured in the works of the artist John Constable. It’s easy to see the reason for his inspiration as you walk through the pretty scenery.  In addition, some of the best walking holidays in England are the coastal walks to the Saxon Shore and White Cliffs of Dover.

Next, the Cotswold is also a must-see if you are looking to experience the classic English countryside. It is one of the easiest and easily one of the best walking holidays in England. This region is distinguished through its rolling hills and peaceful atmosphere. Afterward, visit one the many picturesque limestone villages this walk is dotted with.

All things considered, no matter which destination you choose, your holiday to England is sure to be unforgettable. Above all, these and many more of the best walking holidays in England are life-changing experiences. Allow yourself the time and freedom to travel and explore the natural beauty that this country offers.