Best Walking Breaks in UK


british walking holidaysIf you want to take part in the amazing experience a self-guided walking holiday offers, yet you are short on time, don’t worry. Aside from our walking holidays we also offer walking breaks in UK, tailored to suit a busy schedule.  They can be done on weekends or even during the week. Also, if one of our longer holidays has caught your eye, it can be turned in to a walking break custom-made to suit your needs. As a matter of fact, finding a suitable walking break in the UK is super easy.

Walking Breaks in the UK – England

Dorset is a welcoming and delightful destination for a walking breaks in UK. The country of contrasts will fill your break with wonder and peaceful walking. At the same time, your break will take you through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled countryside. You will stroll through the rural scenery which inspired the likes of Thomas Hardy.

In addition, this rural and idyllic county has charming villages and some of the best coastal terrains. The relaxing walking break through this gentle, beautiful terrain will leave no doubt as to whether you made the right choice.

Walking Breaks in the UK – Wales

When visiting North Wales, the Lleyn Peninsula is the place to go. Its dramatic landscape is made up of mountains which sharply drop off into the sea. Their imposing presence is diffused by the many large bays and coves. Additionally, you will have the chance to visit the famous beach known as the Whistling Sands and explore the delightful views this destination offers.

One of the best walking breaks in the UK, it offers additionally offers the chance to visit Bardsey Island. Those with an appetite for the mystical and legends of old will relish the chance to explore the island. At one time, the island was a place of pilgrimage, rooted deep in the legends of King Arthur. Aside from its natural beauty and wildlife, this island is said to be the burial place for the wizard Merlin.

Walking Breaks in the UK – Scotland

One of the shortest, easiest and most beautiful walking breaks in the UK is the Rob Roy. Named for the highland legend this route follows his footsteps through the Scottish Highlands. Your trek also visits the quaint village in which he is buried. This walking break begins only an hour away from Edinburgh and Glasgow, in Callander. This bustling and harming town is known as the gateway to the highlands to which you will continue. The Scottish lochs, mountains and swift rivers make up the beautiful scenery typical for the gorgeous highlands.

Whatever your location or preference, our walking breaks in UK are intended to fit even the busiest lives. Take a few days break from the hustle of everyday life to explore these and many more destinations through the UK. Ultimately, this type of holiday is truly inspiring and the breath of fresh air we all need.