Dog Walking Holidays UK


What could be better than a walking holiday through the beautiful sceneries of the UK? Exploring them with your loyal companion at your side! The dog walking holidays UK are perfect for all dog lovers. If you simply can’t part from your pooch, take him along on an adventure. Firstly, when choosing a holiday it’s important to ensure that the places you will be staying at are dog friendly. Unfortunately, many places do not allow this. Finding a route that has an open-door policy to dogs can be frustrating, however it isn’t impossible. The South West Coastal Path is a popular destination for dog walking holidays UK. The Exmoor Path is ideal for walking with your dog. This easy beginning features beautiful sea-side scenes with both grassy and sandy parts. These give way to the Cornwall area’s dramatic cliffs and coastal sceneries. Both you and your canine friends will enjoy exploring the differing landscapes this part of the UK has to offer.

Another attractive choice for dog walking holidays UK is the Dartmoor National Park. This stunning and panoramic route offers shorter treks which cover the highlights as well as longer walking experiences. In addition to these, several other routes can guarantee accommodation for you and you dogs. Some of these are located near Somerset and Devon, while the Pembrokeshire Coast has also proven to be a great choice for dog walking holidays UK.

Dog Walking Holidays UK - What you need to know

In order to ensure the best possible experience for you and your dog, it is best to contact us in regards to this issue. Having a realistic perspective for your range of choices in terms of accommodation can help you make the best decision in choosing your holiday.

Some holidays will be welcoming to canines all the way through. However, in others there may be gaps. In this case, other arrangements will have to be made for the night in question. Often, this means staying in the same place for two nights, whether it’s the following or previous location. Another thing you will need to consider is the need for extra luggage. Your dog’s food and bedding in addition to your own may require special transfer arrangements.

Arranging dog walking holidays UK can be a demanding task. It requires flexibility and excellent planning, ensuring that none of the places and transport you will be taking have a ‘no dogs’ policy.  Although this type of holiday is more difficult in terms of planning, all things considered it is also a very rewarding experience in and of itself. You won’t need to sacrifice your own enjoyment, taking in all the trails and natural beauty of the UK. In addition, your four-legged friend will be happy and enjoying their extended walk. If you are well-informed and enthusiastic you can make dog walking holidays UK an unforgettable experience for the both of you.