What To Wear When Hiking In Ireland

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When it comes to hiking in Ireland, knowing what to pack and wear can be quite a guessing game. The unpredictability of the weather in this part of the world means that the sun could be shining and the skies blue one day, yet the next the heaves could open up, gale force winds set in and grey skies take over the sky.

The key to packing for a hiking trip in Ireland is to prepare for all eventualities, don’t assume the weather will be one way or another, just pack for all weather fronts and you will be fine.

If the weather doesn’t quite go your way in Ireland its best to keep positive, after-all without all of that lovely rain the ‘Emerald Isle’ wouldn’t  live up to its beautiful emerald name would it?

Good Walking Boots

First and foremost you are going to need good boots that you can waterproof. If you start out the days hiking and the sun is shining there is absolutely no guarantee that it won’t be pouring down with rain a couple of hours later.

You’ll want good sturdy boots to withstand whatever the Irish weather throws at you.


Layers are the way to go. Because the weather is so unpredictable having lots of layers that you can add and take off will allow you to regulate your body temperature more easily. Layers are great for the cold because the heat from your body gets trapped between them and then when you are feeling too hot, whip off a layer for instant relief.


Whatever you do, DON’T forget waterproofs. At some point on your hiking trip in Ireland it is going to rain (OK, so its not guaranteed but it is very likely!) and waterproofs will keep you dry from those showers. The rains don’t always mean it will feel cold so a simple waterproof to throw on over your clothes will ensure you aren’t totally soaked through.

Being wet or even damp whilst walking can become very uncomfortable, very quickly. Wet skin tends to chaff and cause blisters and this is the last thing you want.

A changes of clothes

If you do end up getting wet then you’ll want a change of clothes to throw on to prevent the above from happening. Don’t forget to pack a spare pair of socks too because feet are the last place you want to be getting blisters. Blisters on your feet will ensure your hiking trip is over pretty quickly.

Fleece Jacket

A high-quality fleece jacket is a very useful garment because it provides insulation and can be worn either as an outer layer when its dry or as a mid-layer under when its wet. If you start to get really cold then a fleece jacket is really going to help you to warm up.

Sun Hat

One minute it might be chucking it down and the next the sun will break through the clouds and beam down on you, taking you by surprise, so pack a sun hat so as to avoid sunburn and getting too hot when you aren’t expecting it

Warm Hat and Gloves

On the flip side, its a good idea to pack a hat and gloves because evenings/mornings can be really chilly and temperatures can be unpredictable.

Waterproof Backpack

Again because showers are definitely a ‘thing’ in Ireland, make sure your backpack is waterproof or has a waterproof cover that you can put on it because otherwise everything inside it is going to end up pretty soggy, including any spare changes of clothes that you’ve bought with you - far from ideal.