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5 Winter Walking Tips


There is absolutely no need to let the cold weather stop you from taking those walks that you love, winter walking just means being a little bit more prepared. Some of the most beautiful days can be found in the winter when the sun is glowing low in the bright blue sky, there is a crisp frost and everything looks bright and colourful. Granted days like these are often really, really chilly, but make the right preparations and you’ll enjoy your winter walking just as much as any sun soaked summer stroll.

1.Wear breathable layers

Breathable layers are just about the best clothing to wear during any hike, including chilly winter ones. Although it’s freezing cold, as you walk your body will get warm and produce sweat. If this sweat isn’t drawn away from your body it’s going to sit on your skin and get really, really cold.

Breathable fabrics wick sweat away from your skin, and if you layer up the heat will get trapped between the layers and keep you really toasty.


2.Stay warm when you stop for a break

When you take your much needed water/food/taking in the view stop, make sure to stay warm. Your body will have generated some nice heat for itself whilst you’ve been on the move and you don’t want to lose that precious heat.

An insulated jacket within your backpack is a great addition and you can pop it on for your pit stops to really help retain your body heat.


3.Wear mittens

Mittens aren’t just for looking cute, these fluffy accessories will also keep your hands super snug. With all of your fingers together they can benefit from the heat produced by all four and keep nice and toasty on even the coldest of days spent winter walking.


4.Wear the right footwear

If you’re out for some winter walking be sure to wear the right shoes. You will absolutely need waterproof boots and they need to feel really snug and warm. Its also a good idea to have boots with good grips as the conditions may be snowy or icy. You can also get traction devices to go over your boots which are brilliant if you do anticipate walking in these slippery conditions.


5.Allow 10 mins to warm up

Warming up when you’re going out in the cold to walk is vital since a cold body takes a lot longer to warm up and a few lungs and stretches just won’t be enough.

We’d recommend a ten minute warm up to make sure your heart and other muscles are ready for your winter walking ahead. The aim is to get your core temperature slightly up, which is of course harder on a colder day. Aerobic exercise is key to getting this temperature rise and will guarantee a good warm up ready for your chilly winter walking.