The Three Peaks Challenge


  Have you ever thought about getting involved in an event to challenge yourself, give yourself something to work towards and train towards and most importantly raise some much needed money for your favourite charity?

Well we have just the thing; the Three Peaks Challenge. This is where participants are challenged to walk the three highest mountains in the Scotland, England and Wales all in one go. The traditional Three Peaks Challenge dares you to get this done in one day only. Sounds like a tough day? It really is!

If you don’t think you’re quite ready for all of this in one day there is another option so don’t worry.

Walk sessions are spread across the warmer months and are filling up fast with some dates already full, so if you are keen to get involved then have a read of our guide below and get yourself booked on!


The Open National Three Peaks Challenge in 1 Day

If you’re ready to accept the challenge then you’ll travel to Fort William in Scotland on the Friday morning and meet up with your walking team.

You can come in a small group or as an individual and you’ll be placed in a group of the same ability as yours. You will walk together providing each other with great support, as well as having mountain guides and support staff on hand.

The event begins with the Ben Nevis on the Saturday which you’ll need to have conquered in 5.5 hours and have reached Scafell Pike in England ready to climb through the night for 4.5 hours, then head for Snowdon in Wales to climb during the Sunday early hours in 4 hours. If it sounds hard then that’s because it really is!

You definitely need to be a fit and healthy person to complete this challenge, make sure you train hard and are in top physical condition.

Of course you will be accompanied by a driver who will get you from mountain to mountain in the required amount of time, so you will get a little down time to regain your composure, re-hydrate and refresh, ready for the next climb.


Do Your Own Three Peaks Challenge

You can also register your own group event to take on this challenge which means you will need to organise the whole trip yourselves including transport from each mountain and onto the next.

You will receive an information pack on what you’ll need to organise though so don’t panic. It will also help you to record your challenge online and includes personal certificates upon completion.

If you do decide to do this challenge alone then preparation is the key, you need to thoroughly do your research or it could end up being a really dangerous trip.

Also keep in mind that many attemptes at the The Three Peaks Challenge have to be abandoned, even by guide led groups, since we cannot control the weather and certain conditions are just too dangerous to walk in when you are half way up a mountain.

The Three Peaks Challenge in 3 Days

If all of this sounds like something you are keen to do but you don’t think you are ready to take on the 24 hour challenge then you can accept the three peaks in three days challenge instead. We are not saying that this is in anyway easy either but it just gives your body more time to recover in between the mountain climbs and psychologically makes the challenge seem more reasonable.

Three peaks in three days also starts on the Friday with a stay over in Fort William in Scotland, then on the Saturday you will complete the Nevis climb in seven hours and drive to Scafell Pike in the Lake District and sleep the night here. On Sunday morning you will wake up refreshed and ready to climb Scafell Pike in six hours, then drive on to Snowdon to sleep the night here. Waking up on your final day you will climb Snowdon in six hours and relax, since you’ll have completed the three peaks challenge in three days!

Walking three mountains in three days is still very tiring and physically draining for your body so please don’t think you can scrimp on the training, you’ll too need to be in peak physical condition to get this challenge done.


Good luck if you choose to accept!