Our 4 Favourite Cities For a Short Break In Britain/Ireland

The final months of winter can be a bit of a dreary time, with christmas just a memory away and the summer what feels like years off, motivation can be lacking as we all hibernate until the sun reappears.

We all find that if we get a trip booked it really gives us something to look forward to and puts a smile back on our face.

Why not book a short city break and take some time out of your usual routine? See the sights, eat good food and be a tourist for a few days - we promise you’ll have a great time and will feel a whole lot better for it on your return.

With this in mind we’ve selected out 4 favourite cities for a short break in Britain and Ireland.


Many will roll their eyes and feel that London is just a really predictable choice for our list, but the thing is, London is just one of the most amazing cities in the world and we are lucky enough to have it in our country, so it has to be included.

London is a melting pot of different people, different areas, different lifestyles, different buildings and so on. There really is every type of person here in London and this is what makes it such an interesting and utterly wonderful city.

Head to London for a few days and immerse yourself in the real tourist hot-spots, or find the smaller more quirky parts of this city (of which there are many). Pick from EVERY kind of food and so many things to do that you could be here for a year and still not have ticked off everything from your ‘to-do list’.

Try to keep a laid back attitude when you visit London, its a very busy city, tubes, buses and even pavements can be heaving with people, just be in the moment and be swept along with the London buzz and you’ll have an amazing trip.


Manchester is renowned as being the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Britain and subsequently Europe and the world and since then manufacturing in Manchester has constantly evolved. It is the fastest growing British economy outside of London and its rich history remains a big part of this incredible city and has in many ways shaped it into what it has become today.

The Northern Quarter of this city has become a thriving hub for creativity and successful independent ventures giving it a really cool and quirky vibe, unlike some other Northern cities.

Music plays a big part in Manchester’s identity too with so many amazing bands having come from these parts and you’ll find all manor of places to go and see live music.

Eating out is big news in Manchester with heaps of independent food vendors getting in on the action and making eating out a really great experience.

Like London, Manchester has an after-work going out culture to rival most and this gives the ciry a real buzz.


Bath is an incredibly beautiful city and just walking its World Heritage streets can make you feel great.

The photogenic Georgian architecture and the sweeping crescents around every corner are stunning so make sure you are prepared for lots of photo stops! .

Bath is most famous for its Roman Baths complex which you should definitely visit whilst here, plus the Bath Spa Health Centre is worth a visit too which is multi relaxation rooms and a gorgeous rooftop pool to while away a few hours in.


There is a wealth of independent shops, markets and eateries to be found in this vibrant city and the surrounding countryside bears quality produce in abundance so you’ll find plenty of semi-rural farm shops, artisan coffee houses, vegan and vegetarian bistros, contemporary brasseries and gourmet restaurants.


Galway is Ireland’s second largest county boasting the beautiful city itself plus more than 6000 km of lofty mountains, Wild Atlantic Way coastline, and the beautiful Connemara region – home to Ireland’s largest Irish-speaking community.

Within the city there is plenty to amuse yourself with; take an stroll along the Salthill Promenade that flanks the northern shore of Galway Bay, stopping at the iconic Blackrock diving tower to breathe in some fresh Atlantic air. Head for the trademark narrow streets of the city centre and wonder the streets until you find your pertect stop for dinner. Or rise early to be among the first arrivals at Galway Market in Church Lane – a weekend market that has been open in the city for centuries with many stands and local traders, food stalls and coffee galore.