Luxury Walking Holidays in the UK


Taking a luxury walking holiday in the UK can be an amazing experience.  Choose your destination and embark on the perfect self-guided holiday experience. You won’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your luxury walking experience. We will organize everything else. Aside from the national trails, we offer interesting and independent luxury walking holidays UK in each region. Firstly, the accommodation we offer is comprised of hotels and guesthouses.  Although the towns also offer a wide variety of dining experiences, breakfast and dinner are included in out half-board arrangements. You will enjoy your luxury walking holiday comfortably thanks to daily luggage transfers. Your bags will be waiting for you at the next hotel, offering a fresh change of clothes and none of the hassle of carrying it yourself. Since they are self-guided, maps and route instructions will also be provided for your convenience.

Luxury walking holidays in England

England is the largest country in the UK, with plenty of options for luxury walking holidays. The landscape is mostly of low, rolling hills and plains.

However, the uplands of the mountainous Lake District and uplands in the Cotswold can offer a change of pace. The Cotswold hills rise from the upper Thames and are host to a number of picturesque villages. The village-to-village walks through the gorgeous countryside will make for an unforgettable luxury walking holiday. The Lake District is also a stunning choice for a luxury walking holiday. The lakes and mountains make up some of the best wild scenery in England.

Next, the trails located in Cornwall are some of the most dramatic and scenic luxury walking holidays UK. The Southwest Coastal path and the Lizard Peninsula are also sure to make a lasting impression on all travelers.

Luxury walking holidays UK near London

Whether you are a Londoner yourself or a tourist and don’t want to depart too much from the country’s capital, there are plenty of luxury walking holiday available to you.  These include the renowned Constable Country.  The gentle countryside will inspire you. In addition, some of the best coastal walks are available to you near London in the luxury walking holidays to the Saxon Shore and White Cliffs of Dover. Another terrific option is a trip to the historic Canterbury.

Ultimately, since our holidays are self-guided, you are the creator of your own luxury holiday. Explore at your own pace and take in the breathtaking views, while we take care of everything else. Our team has over 20 years of experience and as a result are experts at providing the best luxury walking holidays in the UK.