9 Essential Items To Pack For A Cold Weather Holiday

When we think of a holiday the usual visions that spring to mind are lying on a sun-soaked beach, chilling out with a very colourful cocktail and not a care in the world.

But not all holidays are the same!

There are a strange bunch of us that love jetting off to chilly climates and hurtling ourselves down a snow covered mountains risking breaking limbs.

So if you are planning a cold weather holiday and are off skiing, snow boarding or perhaps for a visit to see Father Christmas in lapland, then check out the essential items to pack for a cold weather holiday below.

1.A Good Hat

We lose a lot of body heat through our heads so the key to keeping warm is to wear a hat and trap that lovely heat in.

Although its tempting to go for your nicest, most fashionable hat that looks great, choose the practical hat that is the warmest and waterproof would be great too.

2.Water Proof, Warm Shoes

As per the above, don’t pack your most pretty pair of heels ‘just incase’ - instead use the space for practical boots that are waterproof and are super warm. The last thing you want when you are out and about in really cold temperatures or even snow is wet feet. They won’t warm up, they will just be very uncomfortable and very cold.

Make sure that your shoes are going to totally protect your feet and keep them warm.

3.Waterproof Gloves

Having freezing cold hands is just not a nice experience. If you are off on a cold weather holiday, whether you are skiing or just on a city break to a cold spot, you’ll want waterproof, warm gloves that will stop your fingers feeling like they have frost bite.


Rather than packing big bulky, chunky winter jumpers, think layers. Layers are brilliant in the cold-weather because the heat gets trapped through all of the different layers and keeps you super snugly, plus you can strip on and off as and when you need to, when you go indoors just whip off a few layers and vice versa.

5.Polarised Sunglasses

Although you won’t be basking on the beach during your cold weather holiday it doesn’t mean that you won’t be in need of sunglasses.

Some of the coldest temperatures can often be accompanied by beautiful blue and clear skies which can mean bright and dazzling sunshine. If you are hitting the slopes, the glare off the white snow can be too much for your eyes to cope with, so pack some really good, polarised sunglasses.


Wearing the right amount of thermal clothing for extreme cold situations can be the difference between life and death if you (god forbid) get in trouble.

Wear too much insulation and you will overheat, increasing your perspiration, that will rapidly cool your body when your intensity levels drop. Alternatively though you may not be wearing enough thermal layers to start with which can in turn lead to heat loss which could force your body to shut down to protect its vital organs.


Your feet are going to get VERY cold if you don’t pack socks to wear under your very sensible shoes/boots (see above!) so pack more pairs than you think you’ll need, just in case pairs get wet and soggy and cold.

8.A Warm, Waterproof Coat

Don’t forget to pack that big winter coat, it might take up a big chunk of space in your case but it is ESSENTIAL! You are going to have a miserable cold weather holiday if you don’t pack you winter coat. Feeling cold the entire time is going to stop you from wanting to get stuck in to outdoor activities.

9.Waterproof Day Bag

Don’t forget to take a good, waterproof day bag. With all of the layers, hats, scarves and so on that you’ll need for your cold weather holiday you’ll need a day pack so that you can layer and unlayer as you please and aren’t constantly searching for one glove, or clutching your scarf whilst trying to get on with other things.