7 Ways to Get Motivated to Take a Walk


Maybe your New Year Resolutions are going strong and you’re starting to reap the benefits or perhaps you gave them up after a week, you could be doing well but starting to wonder how you’re going to maintain them for the whole year?

Whatever your feelings are, a little bit of motivational help always goes a long way, that’s why we’ve come up with 7 ways to get you inspired to be active and find your walking motivation.

Most of our resolutions are based around eating healthier and being more active and walking is such a fantastic way to burn calories, give your a body a less pounding workout whilst still enjoying the benefits of exercising and being out in the fresh air.


1.Get an App

Fitness App’s are a great tool, there are many to choose from and each has a slightly different function, but essentially they are there to help keep you on track with your eating and exercise and can provide excellent walking motivation.

Many app’s will use the step count from your phone (if you have enabled this function) which is great to see how many steps you’re taking each day and can inspire you to try and beat your personal best. You’ll be surprised how many steps you clock up if you go for a nice walk or just make the effort to walk to the shops/school/work rather than driving.


2.Register for a Walking Event

Registering for a charity event can give you some great walking motivation. First of all you are walking for something other than yourself which will encourage you because you won’t want to let down your chosen charity. Secondly it will also be really good for your walking motivation because it means you have a date and a goal to work towards.


3.Get some walking friends

Sometimes when its raining, grey and cold outside it is near impossible to find walking motivation, even though we know that getting out there will end up making us feel happier and more energised. This is where walking friends are great. If you can encourage friends to get their walk on with you and plan regular sessions, then you can motivate each other.

It’s likely that somebody in the friends group will be feeling really unmotivated on one day and another member will be feeling pretty up for it and it’s such a help when this person spurs on the rest of the group.


4.Join a walking club

Joining a walking club works on a similar premise to walking with friends except this way you will meet  new like minded people and perhaps even make new friends.

The advantage of walking in a specific walking group is gaining access to great route ideas from other members, heaps of walking advice and loads of moral support and motivation.


5.Treat yourself to new walking gear

If your drive is lagging then perhaps it is time to treat yourself to some new walking gear. Get to the shops and buy some new, specific walking clothes and shoes if your budget will allow. Walking gear is absolutely not essential to walking, a good pair of walking shoes is about the only necessity. If though you do feel like spending a little hard earned cash then we can promise you that new gear will get you excited about walking again and will make you feel good as you walk, always great for walking motivation.


6.Combine your walk with another activity

If it is possible then combine your walk with something else that you are doing. If you need to pop out to the shops and would normally drive then think about walking instead, don’t drive to places that are within walking distance.

Maybe you are meeting friends at the pub for lunch? Walk there. You’ll have earned your food/drinks and can eat with less guilt, and what could be better for walking motivation than the end result being the pub!

Perhaps you could hop off your bus/the tube a stop or two earlier and walk into work, or if you drive then find a place that’s a little distance away to park, you’ll be surprised how much difference these short walks make to your step count, diet plan and general health.


7.Set goals and tell people about them

Decide what your walking goals are and talk to people about them. Once you’ve put it out there you’ll feel less likely to chicken out since you’ll have friends and colleagues asking how your walking is going and giving you a hard time if you’ve ducked out!

Be realistic with your goals, start small and work up. You could choose by walk length or time yourself and see if you’re getting quicker. Perhaps hills are starting to seem less like hell to climb, so set yourself hill walk goals. Sometimes all we need is something to aim towards to help us with our walking motivation.


Hopefully some of these tips will help you with your walking motivation, but do keep in mind that walking is meant to be fun, so just enjoy yourself whilst walking, take in the views, smells, sounds and wildlife and enjoy breathing in that fresh air in the knowledge that you are improving your health. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work!