7 Reasons To Visit The British Seaside During The Autumn/Winter Months

A trip to the British seaside during the winter months isn’t going to mean you come back with a nice tan or having spend balmy days on the beach, but there are still many reasons to visit the UK’s seaside hot spots even during the cold winter months.

Winter brings its own beautiful scenes that are incredibly different from the summer months and many people miss out on this, not venturing to the coast throughout the winter.

We look here at 7 reasons to visit the British Seaside During the Autumn/Winter months.

1.Snow On The Beach

If you’ve never seen snow on the beach then you are missing out, it feels like an illusion to your eyes to see the sand covered in the white fluffy snow, heading down to the oceans edge.

There is something really magical about playing in the snow on the beach, building snowmen and having a snowball flight, whilst the sea crashes to the shore meters away.

2.Blustery Winter Walks

Wrap up warm, pack a flask of coffee and hit the coast line for a blustery walk.

There will be very few people around the British coastline during the winter months and just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean the scenery isn’t as magnificent as it is during the summer months.

You can spot different types of wildlife during the winter which are more likely to say hello without the summer crowds around.

When the skies are grey and ominous it makes for a really atmospheric and beautiful scene.

3.Cosy Pub Lunches

When you’ve been sufficiently windswept then head for the warmth of a cosy English pub with a roaring fire, inviting armchairs, beer on tap and delightful food.

If its one thing that Britain does well its a cosy pub, and where better to spend your winter break then nestled inside in front of the fire with the locals.

Do some research and find a pub with a view, be it the surrounding countryside oe the ocean itself and treat yourself to a warming mulled wine, we assure you that you won’t want to leave!

4.Empty Beaches

You may not have the sun, but the beaches will likely be empty so pack your camping chairs and nestle in for a while on the beach, watch the ocean, sip on a cuppa from your flask and enjoy the peace that comes with a pure, empty beach.

As the waves batter the beach edge or rugged cliff sides just take a moment to soak it all up.

5.Rock Pools

During the winter months the rain fall can make great rock pools which we all love to explore.

Take a net and look for wildlife in the pools or pack wellies and go splashing around. Little ones will love exploring the rock pools and can bring home shells that they find.

6.Fish and Chips

During the winter months you can officially eat fish and chips by the ocean GUILT FREE! You need to warm up and keep our tummies full to give you the energy for tackling the elements.

Wrap up warm, grab some fish and chips and plonk yourself in front of the sea.

7.Early Evening Sunsets

If you are lucky enough to be at the British seaside on one of those cold but beautifully clear days with blue skies, sunshine and a crisp frost then you are in luck.

Not only will the ocean and beach look stunning (even if a little cold) you could get the chance to see a breathtaking evening sunset.

The sun sets much earlier in the day during the winter months so get yourself to a good viewing spot, pack a nice flask of something and watch the sun dip down into the ocean. Wrap up warm though, once that suns gone down it will get cold really quickly.