5 Reasons To Go Hiking In Ireland

If you are considering taking a hiking trip to Ireland then you absolutely should. Ireland is a remarkably beautiful part of the world with such varying scenery that there is something for all types of hikers.

Perhaps you love being by the coast, hiking in the mountains or trekking through gorgeous woodland, you’ll find it all on the Emerald Isle.

Not convinced? Take a look at these 5 reasons to go hiking in Ireland.

1.The sunset at the Giant’s Causeway


The Giant’s Causeway is an area of perfectly interlocking basalt coloumns that are the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. This is the focal point for a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has attracted visitors for centuries. If you are lucky enough to travel to the Giants Causeway then you will see why.

One of our favourite times at Giants Causeway is sunset; the crowds will have dispersed and you will be in for a treat. Get up there a good hour before the actual sunset since the colours of the setting sun and the sky change continuously and put on a real show. Watching the sky change from deep blue to vivid orange and seeing the sun turn into a blazing pink before disappearing into the water is incredible enough not to mention being in one of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet.

2.Wild horses in Belfasts Black Mountains

black mountains.jpeg

Black Mountain is a huge hill overlooking Belfast in Northern Ireland and is one of the most prominent features of the city, towering above most of west Belfast.

With spectacular panoramic views over the city, the Black Mountain is a haven for those seeking the wild countryside experience just outside of the city and many people flock there for the peace, quiet and solitude that can be found.

On a clear day there are views of Strangford Lough, the Mournes and the Sperrins, as well as Scotland and Donegal, there is a real feeling of being on top of the world. With wildlife aplenty look out for the free grazing cattle, badger setts and of course the wild horses that roam these lands. There is something incredibly special about seeing a wild horse galloping across the Black Mountains..

3.Its castles


Ireland’s history is rich and this is apparent through the whole country, not least in their beautiful castles.

An unofficial count estimates that Ireland has more than 1,000 castles scattered around its countryside. Unfortunately most of these were abandoned and left to lie as ruins, however many have been fortified and restored back to their former glory and can be explored by visitors today.

4.The beaches


Ok so the weather in Ireland isn’t always sunshine and blue skies, but put that aside and explore the incredible coast line in this country to discover some of the many beautiful beaches Ireland has to offer.

Think deserted swathes of sand, rugged coves and caves with endless rock pools to explore.

Some of Ireland’s beaches are just so incredibly beautiful that find yourself here on a sunny day and you just won’t believe that its Ireland.

5.The breathtaking scenery


Ireland’s scenery is as diverse as it is beautiful,  with acres of wild and windswept countryside, gorgeous little villages and awe-inspiring coastal cliffs making up just some of the country's varied landscape.

If you do go hiking in Ireland you’ll need to prepare before hand and decide where you’d like to hike because you really will be blown away with the amount of choice due to the sheer beauty of the country, trust us.