5 Reasons To Book A Holiday To Ireland

We might be a little bit biased, but we think that 2019 is a fantastic year to book a trip to Ireland. Whether you’ve been to the Emerald Isle many time or will be a first time visitor, this beautiful country will take a place in your heart and we’re here to tell you why!

1.The friendly people

Irish people.jpg

There are some parts of the world that you travel to and just don’t get talking to new people, locals ignore your existence and everyone keeps themselves to themselves, but not in Ireland. From the moment you touch down you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The people of Ireland love to chat and they love a good story. They won’t be shy in telling you all about their day, their lives, Irish folks laws and so on, and they’ll be really interested to hear your tales too.

A holiday in Ireland will almost definitely end with new found friends.

2.The incredible Scenery

Irish scenery.jpg

Ireland has beautiful and varied scenery all over, from dramatic mountains hiking to taking in beach views, forest walks and picnics by the lake, you’ll find so many ways of exploring the scenery here.

There are some ‘must-see’s’ in Ireland like the Giant’s Causeway, Connermara National Park, The Cliffs of Moher and so on, but to be quite honest the whole country is green and beautiful and will offer you endless walking opportunities.

3.The pubs

Irish pub.jpg

Ireland is famed for its abundance of pubs, and rightly so. You’ll find some of the most welcoming drinking holes in the world on the Emerald Isle. Cosy pubs with children playing and dogs roaming are common place, so pull up a chair, grab yourself a Guinness and get involved in chats with locals and travellers alike.

Most hikes can be planned to end up at a pub for some home-made, hearty Irish food and most evenings tend to end up the same way!

4.The Castles

Irish castle.jpg

Without doubt the castles in Ireland are a pull to the country. The history is rich and gory and the castle remains are just incredible. With 3000 or more spread across the country, there’s no shortage of history and grandeur on display, from elegant castle structures that have been carefully worked on and loved over the years, to tumble down, thought-provoking castle ruins.

You can’t help but imagine the days that these castles were used for living in and for battles as you stare at the now silent buildings.

5.The Beaches

Ireland beach.jpg

Holidays in Ireland might not conjure up images beautiful sun-filled days spent lazing on the beach, but this could be your Irish reality.

There are many incredibly beautiful and un-spoilt beaches in the country which unlike other countries are usually pretty quiet and not ground down by day after day of tourist visits.

Get a sunny day and you will feel like you’re in paradise lazing around on the vast sand swept beaches, paddling in the ocean, crabbing in the rock pools and exploring hidden caves.

Some of our favourites include Inch beach on the Dingle peninsula, Inchydoney beach in west Cork and Dog’s Bay beach in Roundstone, County Galway.