Which Plants And Trees To Look Out For This Autumn In The UK

We are still lucky enough to be having some beautiful days filled with sunshine this September after a really hot summer, but we do have to face the fact that autumn is most definitely on its way.

You only have to go for a woodland walk to see the leaves changing to autumnal colours and some even starting to fall, conkers are starting to litter paths and the air has definitely got an autumnal chill.

Don’t worry though, autumn brings its own beauty and there are still plenty of flowers and plants worth seeing if you are off on a walk.

Heather plants will light up any garden from late August through September and well into winter.
Our native heather, Calluna vulgaris, also has the benefit of growing well in some of the most harsh conditions which is why you’ll likely find some on a walk this autumn.

It can deal with salt spray in coastal areas and will thrive on acid soils. These tough plants can survive bitter winters, which is why it does so well in Scotland

Common beech

Beech trees are well suited to the UK climate because they can thrive in a range of soil types. Their old leaves stay on the plant through winter and they produce rich, russet-brown leaves in the autumn adding a warm splash of colour to gardens even when the colder months are on their way.

Japanese Quince

Quinces are long-lived, ornamental, medium-sized, flowering trees with pretty blossom in mid May and good autumn colour, look out for them this autumn whilst you are strolling the countryside.

Rowan Tree

The native Rowan Tree, known as Mountain Ash grows well throughout the UK and is relatively flexible with growing conditions. Its slender leaves and vibrant berries make it a beautiful tree to spot this autumn. There are many varieties within the Rowan Tree family with different coloured berries and various heights.


Colour at this time of year can be in short supply when it comes to flowers, the trees definitely have the glory in Autumn, but do look out for the ground-hugging, autumn-flowering cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolium.

This plant looks a lot like Ivy but before it emerges the swollen corns will smother themselves in tiny, refex-petalled flowers of white or pink.

Sweet Gum

Sweet Gum is one of the most popular trees for autumn colour grown in the UK. It is similar to the red maple and delivers a spectacular autumn display of shiny vibrant red and burgundy foliage, making it a seasonal highlight throughout autumn and one you should come across during your UK walks this autumn.


Viburnums tend to be unsung shrubs which is a shame as their showy, often fragrant spring flowers, followed many times by spectacular berries and beautiful autumn foliage, make them look really beautiful. Look out for their gorgeous colours when you are out and about this autumn.

Katsura Tree

One of the most spectacular trees for autumn colour, the Katsura Tree transforms in autumn with a blaze of beautiful yellow and red leaves. If you come across a Katsura tree this autumn, try and take in its fragrance that is emitted by the leaves which smell of burnt sugar.


Pansyplants are so versatile and will bloom for far longer than any other winter flowering bedding plant. From autumn through to spring these gorgeous plants provide a welcome splash of colour in beds, borders, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets, amid the organge and yellow hues of other autumn plants you can’t fail to miss these this autumn.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is one of the most common trees for autumn colour in gardens and countryside across the UK.

They grow very slowly and reach heights of up to 8m. Whilst each variety differs in size and colour, they all share a similar colour palette of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds in autumn and are really beautiful.

Red Maple

Red Maple certainly lives up to its name providing a simply stunning display which you should definitely try to see this autumn.

It can grow above 12m so is a striking tree.