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About British & Irish Walks

We have been offering walking and cycling holidays here in the Cotswolds and across the British Isles since 1993. Our sister company, World Walks, offers self-guided walking and cycling holidays in Europe and beyond.

We are experts in our field and welcome customers from all over the world, whether individuals, travel agents or tour operators. Please contact us at or on +44 (0)1242 254353

Meet the Team

ChristopherChristopher Knowles

For many years Christopher travelled professionally around the world, particularly to Italy, China and Russia. He speaks fluent French and Italian and is currently writing the biography of Philip Morrell, the founder of Voyages Jules Verne and the owner of the ‘Royal Barge’ that carried the British royal family along the Thames during the pageant that formed part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

He is also an acknowledged expert on the Cotswolds region. He has written several books on the Cotswolds including ‘The Cotswolds – Not Just a Pretty Place’. Christopher researched and devised many of what have become classic village to village walking routes – the Cotswold Ring, the Heart of the Cotswolds, the Cotswold, the South Cotswold Ring. Over the years he has come to know not just the footpaths of the region where he lives and works, but its many other often overlooked facets. Whenever possible he personally guides vistors around the region he knows so well.

Ann Knowles

Ann has had a career both in travel and in the media. For several years she was a researcher on the BBC Newsdesk; before that she lived in Germany, and worked as a guide throughout the UK and Ireland, the rest of Europe and in China. Irish-born, she has spent a large part of her adult life in England.

ChrisChris Wadley

Chris (not to be confused with Christopher!) is one of the people who will organise your accommodation and help create your holiday. Gloucestershire born and bred, all his working life has been spent working in the travel industry. A passionate outdoorsman, he is an avid skiier.